L'ensemble du vignoble du Château de Lascaux est certifié biodynamique !



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Château de Lascaux

"Château de Lascaux gets its origins from the Cavalier family. From some 20 hectares when I took over in 1984, it has grown to its present size of almost 85 hectares of vines surrounded by 300 hectares of garrigue scrub."

The vineyard is totally integrated into a natural environment of incredibly rich biodiversity, providing it with protection and diversity of expression. All of these factors contribute to the quality and originality for which Château de Lascaux is celebrated. These same reasons also made it an unavoidable reference point in Pic Saint Loup and Languedoc.

The site, wild and sometimes austere, dazzles and fills us with a great serenity, thanks to the beauty of a nature soaked in mystery.

Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, with a small quantity of Cinsault compose the majority of our vineyards.  These Mediterranean varietals known for excellence, are grown under strict conditions in our different zones. Their job is to reveal the essences, flavors and freshness on which the reputation of Château de Lascaux wines are built.



The Vineyard

The Château de Lascaux vineyard extends over an immense garrigue forest populated with oak, Aleppo pine, laurel, thyme and rosemary, in Languedoc between Montpellier and Nîmes, under the first foothills of the Cévennes.
Sheltered from cold winds, mistral and tramontana, and already at an altitude of 150 metres, the vineyard has the advantage of a Mediterranean climate with a continental influence. This cool Mediterranean micro-climate explains the finesse and diversity of the tastes in our wines.

Limestone cliffs where the sun plays games with the colours, where light and dark stream out together, where mistral and tramontana know where to unite, where clemency and rigour follow each other.

The last rampart just before the Cévennes, frustrating the cold intruders from the north.
Contrasts of reason, capable of engendering anything, occasional doubts but passion above all.

Situated between Mediterranean and Cévennes, the name PIC SAINT LOUP "Coteaux du Languedoc" is the most northerly of the Controlled Appellations in Languedoc. It is subject to both Mediterranean and continental influences. At the end of the summer, when the grapes are ripening, the difference between diurnal and nocturnal temperatures is very significant and contributes to the creation of very fine wines.